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Foundation Certificate in Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking

From: £750.00

This is a five day course and the price covers five days.

You can put down a deposit to secure your course then pay the remainder in instalements. The full amount must be paid a minimum of two weeks before the course start date. If you have any questions or would like more information about payments, email or give us a call on 0161 925 2000.

If you have a gluten allergy/intolerance please get in touch with us before booking this class by emailing or calling 0161 925 200. A list of classes which are suitable for those who have a gluten allergy/intolerance are listed here.

This course is designed for those who want to master the essentials of good vegetarian and vegan cooking. It is an opportunity to expand your repertoire of dishes and develop sound knowledge and skills that will make you a more confident cook. It is suitable for the home cook and for caterers who want to increase knowledge and skills in this type of cuisine. Whilst this course will contains theoretical elements, this is a very practical hands-on course and you will spend most of the time cooking.

The course includes:

  • Developing good knife skills
  • CIEH accredited Level 2 Food Hygiene
  • Developing umami flavours through ingredients and cooking methods
  • Using egg and dairy alternatives effectively
  • Nutritional aspects of vegetarian cooking & importance of fortified products in vegan diets
  • Practical uses of nuts, pulses, grains, tofu and tempeh.
  • The basics of pastry, baking & pasta.
  • Sauces & dressings

This course is suitable for vegans.

Recipes we are likely to make include:

  • Cannelloni
  • Leek and Cheese Lattice
  • Chili Bread
  • Samosas
  • Thai Red Curry
  • Sushi
  • Paella
  • Chocolate Cake

Above recipes are subject to availability of ingredients.

Here’s a little more about what our wonderful past students said…

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!” – read our latest students feedback

What to expect…

We welcome students of all abilities, so whatever your current skill level, you’ll fit right in. And you don’t have to be veggie to enjoy our courses – everyone’s welcome! Our cookery experiences will help you hone your cooking skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere. You’ll dive right in with hands-on practical cookery sessions, under the expert guidance of our experienced tutors, who will share their wealth of knowledge with you. Attendee numbers are kept small so you’ll have maximum contact with the tutors – and there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the day to ask any questions you may have.

What you’ll need to bring…

Here at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With this in mind, it is helpful if you can bring a few reusable containers with you to take home some of the food you cook (there are usually leftovers!) However, don’t worry if you don’t have any – we can provide food containers if needed.

What else you need to know…

All ingredients and equipment for the course are provided for you, and you will receive your own recipe pack to take home containing all the recipes you’ll make on the day.

We have lots of free car parking available on site. If you’re getting here by public transport, we are only a short taxi ride or a 20 minute walk from Altrincham bus station/train station/Metrolink (Altrincham line). Here’s our address: Vegetarian Society Cookery School, Parkdale, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, WA14 4QG.

As soon as you get here, we’ll make sure you’ve got a cup of tea or freshly-brewed coffee to help make you feel right at home (and we also have a water cooler if hot drinks aren’t your thing). We’ll make sure refreshments are provided throughout the day – there’s no need to bring any with you.

On our cookery experiences, there’s always loads of food being made – and this will be part of your lunch, so there’s no need to bring any lunch with you either!

We have Vegetarian Society Cookery School aprons for students to use on the courses – and if you really like them, they are available to purchase at the school.

Throughout the day, there are lots of opportunities to take photos/videos (which are great for sharing on social media), so feel free to get your phones or cameras out and snap away! The only thing we ask is that you check with the other students if they are in any photos you want to put on social media.

If you have any other questions about your course, you can always give us a call on 0161 925 2000 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) – we’re happy to help.

And finally: enjoy yourself!

Further information below.

Additional information

Timings and course content

The course runs Monday to Thursday: 10.00am – 4.00pm and Friday: 10.00am – 3.30pm
The course is taught by a mixture of demonstrations, practical hands-on cooking and discussions led by our Principal Tutor.
The fee includes all tuition, use of equipment & all ingredients.
The course includes lunch and refreshments every day.
Numbers are limited to nine per course.
We don't provide accommodation but we can give you information about local veggie-friendly options.
At the end of the course you will receive the Vegetarian Society Cookery School Foundation Certificate in Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking.

60 reviews for Foundation Certificate in Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking

  1. Andy

    Even if you’re a meat eater this course is extremely valuable to enhance your skills in the kitchen

  2. Victoria

    Everyone is very friendly, the week is set up so that i have refreshed some basics from school and learnt new skills and how to maximise the nutritional value in my meals.

  3. Cathy

    Superb in every respect

  4. Clare

    Do it. Its a real eye opener and lots of fun.

  5. Charlotte

    Definitely try it and be prepared to work hard

  6. Marissa

    Learned lots of new skills and increased confidence in the kitchen

  7. Caita

    GO FOR IT! An extraordinary tutor. Variety of recipes and knowledge. Huge variety of food to work on.

  8. Susan

    Just do it! You won’t look back. You will gain the foundations to adapt your cooking and diet for life! Alex is an amazing tutor. The support staff were great. The environment and resources are perfect and great content.

  9. Sean


  10. Judy

    Good fun and interesting.

  11. Coral

    DO IT! Exceeded expectations.

  12. Fiona

    Fun! Informative! Creative! Go for it – you learn so much!

  13. Anna B

    Have had the best time!

  14. Susan B

    A real treat – great teaching and fun in hands-on work.

  15. Joe T

    Learnt more than expected and loved every minute.

  16. Victoria C

    A very enjoyable and informative course. Learning wonderful recipes and techniques in a fun and relaxed environment. Alex was a brilliant teacher!

  17. David P

    Anybody who loves food would enjoy this course. You have the opportunity to learn so many different things!

  18. Deborah

    Do it! It’s worth it.

  19. Rheanna

    A friendly environment and a great opportunity. It’s an excellent course and I would love to do the course again. The staff are amazing.

  20. Janet

    I really enjoyed the course and wasn’t disappointed.

  21. Len L

    It’s very fun, interesting and useful. Alex is very laid back and friendly and always there to help. Great range of recipes and techniques covered, friendly and fun environment!

  22. Maria C (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course to people who want to know the basics (and not only) of vegetarian food. Could not ask for more.

  23. Charlotte M

    If you want to learn basic cookery skills and an understanding of vegan and vegetarian, go! Really comprehensive and enjoyable.

  24. Edward O

    Go for it- you will learn a lot! I have gained more knowledge and experience, and more confidence!

  25. Paul

    This is a great beginner/ intermediate course. You’ll get a lot of hands on experience and a wide range of tips on cooking skills.

  26. Claire M

    Excellent teacher, incredible experience!

  27. Eliza

    Friendly, well-paced, educational and super inspiring!

  28. Ingrid

    Really embrace this course and be prepared to feel challenged yet supported. I have more confidence and a better concept of timing and less fearful of cooking.

  29. Amber

    Everything was perfect, especially the recipes and the tutors!

  30. Ana

    This was a marvelous experience, I’m looking forward to coming again to take other courses.

  31. Beth

    Alex was a brilliant tutor who made it fun as well as teaching us a lot. I’m excited to play with the recipes and make them my own.

  32. Jennifer M

    If you feel you want to learn more about vegetarian lifestyle, come and meet Alex- he does wonders!

  33. Fredrik

    Great for aspiring vegetarian and vegan chefs, covers all the basics and products of vegetarian cooking- more than I could have expected to learn in one week.

  34. Allyson

    You will learn a lot about vegetarian and vegan meals and the wide variety of recipes that are available.

  35. Ian

    If your are interested in turning vegan it is well worth coming

  36. Sadie

    Go for it! everyone is treated with respect at their own level but encouraged to progress.

  37. Laranya

    Beyond a doubt it is worth it if you have got a real interest in vegetarian/ vegan cooking

  38. Sophie

    Go for it! Alex is a fantastic tutor and you’ll learn a lot. It’s brilliant for vegans as about 90% of the food is suitable for us and some of the rest can be adapted.

  39. JP

    Definitely attend, great course, great teacher really well organised

  40. Dora

    It’s an excellent idea for anyone passionate about plant based food. You’ll leave with lots of knowledge ideas and inspiration

  41. Karen

    Very interesting and fun

  42. Cordelia

    I have learned so many techniques – I would tell everyone to try it! I can’t wait to make more sushi. It was challenging and fun, wile being varied.

  43. Darren P

    I wanted to broaden my skills and gain new skills for my everyday cooking. I have gained understanding about breadmaking, pastry, tofu, sweet fillings etc, planning a meal. Definitely recommend to others – great kitchen, varied and practical cooking from sauces to making tofu. I think the course was well thought out and very varied, tried lots of things so all’s good!

  44. Eugeniu L S

    I’ve improved my skills – you meet all my expectations! Go for it!

  45. Eul Soek S

    I wanted to try various vegetarian and vegan dishes. Highly recommended. It was really amazing – everything was new and great for me.

  46. Na Young S

    Perfect course for anyone who wants to know about vegetarian and vegan cooking. Great experience

  47. Julie

    Confidence with vegan food has soared. Do it!

  48. D Mason

    Do it without a doubt, you’ll learn loads

  49. P Steadman

    Exceeded my expectations! Confidence to push myself as a cook and try new things like pasta, sushi, pastry and vegan options. Do it!!

  50. Deepti S

    I read amazing things about this course and it did live up to my expectations. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! Alex was approachable and made the course exciting, fun and enjoyable. We all learnt so much and I would do more courses in the future.

  51. Delia H

    Such a fantastic course for vegans and vegetarians. I have gained an array of cooking skills and my confidence levels have soared in the kitchen

  52. Mary M

    I have repaired a lot of enthusiasm for cooking and made things like sushi which I would never otherwise have tried. You’ll love it. It’s friendly and relaxed and practical and you’ll meet great people.

  53. Kenton Price

    I write to you today having lived in this apartment for nearly 13 years. Today is the first time I made bread in it. That’s thanks to what we learned in the first hour of this course that I attended last week. And then there were another 30 or so hours more. That earlier review that says “I go away with skills I never believed possible” sounded nonsense when I read it – but I now thoroughly endorse it too! Alex is brilliant, so calming and knowledgeable, adjusting his teaching for each of the maximum eight people on the course, he’s always got time for you as an individual. There are two more full-time staff running around in the background making the whole thing effortless – measuring stuff out, washing up pots and pans, taking our coffee and dinner wine orders. The people I met were supportive and lovely too, we’re chatting on our own Facebook group now we’ve gone home to continue to share tips and ideas. Before I went my skills would run to making a stirfry, maybe a soup, or a simple cheese sauce – but now I have the confidence to follow recipes, master my kitchen, and just go for it because it will probably work out and if it doesn’t then it’s almost certainly salvageable. Without revealing too much about the big course finale, the final day was almost an emotional experience for us all, when we saw what we managed to achieve between us. I can’t believe how brilliant this week was. Going on this course is one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. If you can find a place available, snap it up – you won’t regret it!

  54. Christie B

    Wonderful, warm staff and environment. Alex, Jonathan etc always willing to go the extra mile. Very knowledgeable, laid back and funny.

  55. Nikoletta P

    Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly instructors, excellent learning facilities, perfect organisation, professional kitchen facilities. An excellent introduction to veggie/vegan cooking, a wide range of recipes, the nutritional side of cooking well highlighted, a great way to share knowledge with like-minded people. I would do the course again!

  56. Jane W

    I go away with skills I never believed possible

  57. Jane H

    Great pace, information, fantastic staff, wonderful constructive learning experience. Just book it and come and enjoy!

  58. Kay L

    The course is amazing and I will definitely be coming back to try another one soon!

  59. Carmel P

    I was unsure about doing the course as I wasn’t sure if my basic skills were good enough to embark on it and what I would get from it. I was made to feel welcome from the outset and have learnt so much. Do it!

  60. Russell Persand-Carter

    Fabulous well-rounded course that’s truly extended my vegetarian/vegan culinary skills. Alex and the team are very knowledgable and offer superb and friendly guidance. If you’re looking for a cookery challenge that’s professional and fun in a wonderful environment then this is for you. Highly recommended!

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