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Healthy Veggie – Online Class

Do you want to learn how to make healthy meals which are also extremely tasty? This online class features recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are nutritious and absolutely delicious. These flavour-filled dishes will have you looking forward to mealtimes, safe in the knowledge that what you’re eating is good for you too.

We also have a vegan version of this class: Healthy Vegan

The delicious recipes you’ll learn to make:

Quinoa and Chai Seed Porridge: This filling porridge is the perfect way to start your day and will keep you going until lunchtime.

Cherry Tomato and Barley salad: This dish combines sweet cherry tomatoes with delicious roasted courgettes and barley to make a warm, filling salad.

Tofu Tikka Skewers: These marinated tofu skewers are colourful, nutritious and super tasty!

Ful Medames: Ful Medames is a warm and filling meal. It’s lean, full of protein and makes a great lunch.

Coconut and Ginger Flapjack: These flapjacks are a great treat – the perfect alternative to grabbing a chocolate bar.

Smoked Tofu and Sumac Pâté: This smoked tofu pâté is a tasty spread that’s great on crackers, toast or in sandwiches. It’s made with almonds which will give you an extra boost of magnesium and vitamin E.

Ghanaian Red Red Stew: You can’t beat a hearty stew for dinner and this spicy tomato-based one is truly delicious.

Orzo Savoy Wrap: This scrumptious savoy wrap is packed with delicious veg and full of flavour.

Spiced Chickpeas: These flavoursome chickpeas are packed full of protein and fibre  making them a yummy and healthy snack to nibble on.

How our online classes work

This class features a series of videos, one for each recipe, that you can work through at your own pace. It’s simple to get started. All you need is a kitchen!

You’ll receive bonus material to watch and download including:

  • Knife skills: Sharpen up your knife skills as we show you how to master the art of fine chopping and many more useful techniques!
  • Cooking terms: From basting to blanching, brush up on your knowledge of a wide variety of cooking terms with this handy guide.
  • Happy Healthy Recipe Selection: A compilation of some of the most popular recipes from the Vegetarian Society’s cookbook: Happy, Healthy and Delicious.
  • Veggie nutrition guide: Make sure you are getting all of the nutrients you need with this helpful guide.

For £25, you’ll get six months’ unlimited access to your course’s video content. You will also be able to download and keep the course recipe cards and additional resources

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