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— This course is adaptable for vegans; just let us know when booking —

If you have a gluten allergy/intolerance please get in touch with us before booking this class by emailing or calling 0161 925 200. A list of classes which are suitable for those who have a gluten allergy/intolerance are listed here.

This is our most popular cookery experience and, with so much flavour, it’s not hard to see why. Join spice guru, Lajina, as she shows you how to make authentic Indian cuisine. Fill your kitchen with aromas so enticing, your local takeaway will become a distant second choice for a curry!

With an array of classic and creative recipes up her sleeves, Lajjina has everything you could ever need to master the essentials and wow the crowds with your incredible new cookery skills.

Lajina’s family-oriented style of Punjabi cooking is great for taking home to try in your own kitchen. You could learn to make Indian classics such as chapattis, raita (yogurt and mint dip) and tamarind chutney, while also getting stuck into those family-time staples: dal tadka, bhel puri, and cauliflower and potato curry.

We want you to truly love your cookery experience with us, so here is a little more information about how the day will run – that way the only thing you need to think about is having a great time!

What to expect… 

We welcome students of all abilities, so whatever your current skill level, you’ll fit right in. And you don’t have to be veggie to enjoy our courses – everyone’s welcome! Our cookery experiences will help you hone your cooking skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere. You’ll dive right in with hands-on practical cookery sessions, under the expert guidance of our experienced tutors, who will share their wealth of knowledge with you. Attendee numbers are kept small so you’ll have maximum contact with the tutors – and there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the day to ask any questions you may have.

What you’ll need to bring…

Here at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With this in mind, it is helpful if you can bring a few reusable containers with you to take home some of the food you cook (there are usually leftovers!) However, don’t worry if you don’t have any – we can provide food containers if needed.

What else you need to know…

All ingredients and equipment for the course are provided for you, and you will receive your own recipe pack to take home containing all the recipes you’ll make on the day.

We have lots of free car parking available on site. If you’re getting here by public transport, we are only a short taxi ride or a 20 minute walk from Altrincham bus station/train station/Metrolink (Altrincham line). Here’s our address: Vegetarian Society Cookery School, Parkdale, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, WA14 4QG.

As soon as you get here, we’ll make sure you’ve got a cup of tea or freshly-brewed coffee to help make you feel right at home (and we also have a water cooler if hot drinks aren’t your thing). We’ll make sure refreshments are provided throughout the day – there’s no need to bring any with you.

On our cookery experiences, there’s always loads of food being made – and this will be part of your lunch, so there’s no need to bring any lunch with you either!

We have Vegetarian Society Cookery School aprons for students to use on the courses – and if you really like them, they are available to purchase at the school.

Throughout the day, there are lots of opportunities to take photos/videos (which are great for sharing on social media), so feel free to get your phones or cameras out and snap away! The only thing we ask is that you check with the other students if they are in any photos you want to put on social media.

If you have any other questions about your course, you can always give us a call on 0161 925 2000 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) – we’re happy to help.

And finally: enjoy yourself!

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Time and dietary info

Times: 10.00am – 4.00pm

104 reviews for The Indian Guru

  1. John

    Definitely do it….

  2. Jane

    Great course

  3. Simon

    An enjoyable day and learned lots

  4. Debbie

    Excellent content and presenter

  5. Geoff

    Very enjoyable and informative

  6. Matt

    Do it!

  7. Jane

    Good variety of recipes and flavours

  8. Peter

    Do it

  9. Mandy

    Excellent all round, good fun

  10. Orla

    Would highly recommend it, also everyone is very friendly

  11. David

    Excellent day.friendly,informative and fun thank you!

  12. Glyn

    Do it as its great fun

  13. Norma

    Very worthwhile

  14. Kate

    Very warm and welcoming course leader. She really put us at our ease and made everything feel simple and accessible. I had never cooked with real spices before and so am now a convert!

  15. Stephen

    A great relaxed environment in which you are quickly working as a team! Do it!

  16. Mary

    Great teacher, good pace and instruction, lovely food

  17. Maggi

    Learned lots and enjoyed the day Lajina was fun and shared her enthusiasm and talent

  18. Michelle

    Go for it

  19. Jo

    Great day

  20. Joanne

    Friendly, knowledgeable tutor. fantastic flavors. Easy to follow. Confidence to try the recipes and more…….

  21. Rik

    Great food. Great teacher. A gift, but chose this course because love indian food. Confidence in trying to cook indian food. Definitely go on it

  22. Hannah

    Great recipes and learnt alot from Lijana. it was a Birthday gift.
    Flavorsome food and was a Great day.
    Lovely recipes and people The potato and cauliflower curry was something i tried at home.

  23. Margaret

    Lovely informal teaching style .great food. to get stuck in at home.

  24. Joshua

    Clear instructions, variety of food and courses. Great relaxed atmosphere created.

  25. Lorraine

    Good fun, learnt alot.

  26. Janus

    Excellent teacher, delicious recipes.

  27. Jamie

    Lots of fun, lovely teacher who was very informative. But most of all, very tasty!

  28. Anna

    Fantastic course. Loved every minute.

  29. Claire

    I learned loads and had fun!

  30. Sharon

    Fantastic teacher, lots of recipes covered and tips given. It was a pleasant experience working with the rest of the group and it was fun.

  31. Oli

    Would recommend

  32. Marianda

    Very nice atmosphere great pragmatic cooking i have learnt today

  33. Bethany

    100% value for money and a really great day with other friendly people.

  34. Chantelle

    Fantastic tutor, great dishes 🙂

  35. Roger

    Give it a go

  36. Mary

    Its good!

  37. Brett T

    Lajina was a really friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor. There was plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience. And finally it

  38. Mike A

    Would recommend it

  39. Clare

    Its a good introduction to Indian cooking and a fun and interesting day out.

  40. Belinda

    Inspiration for more vegetarian dishes

  41. Steve


  42. Alastair

    Enjoyable and educational!

  43. Joanne

    Good atmosphere, relaxed and informative.

  44. Helen

    Fantastic lovely instructors, great tuition. Course was so informative.

  45. Martin

    DO IT! Exceeded my expectations and some valuable tips.

  46. Alex

    JUST FAB! Come – good food, good understanding and good teachers.

  47. Sutton

    Great course, lot of fun. Some good tips.

  48. Heather

    Fantastic course, great recipes and lost of help and encouragement. Definitely worth attending!

  49. Hebe

    Great, friendly and informed staff. Course surpassed my expectations, everything was wonderful.

  50. Pauline

    Worth going on the course. Enjoyed it very much and I have learnt a lot. Feel more confident cooking Indian food.

  51. Peter

    Good instruction, wide range of recipes provided. Tried each others food at end. Worth attending if you like Indian food.

  52. Robert

    Excellent. if you like Indian food the course is a must.

  53. Dot

    Lovely day, really educational and loved meeting the girls and other students. Course more than met my expectations.

  54. Daphne

    I would definitely recommend the course to friends and family

  55. Lydia

    Great course, wonderful enthusiastic ladies who shared stories about Indian culture as well as great advice on how to get the most out of the food

  56. Lisa

    Lovely group of people, really welcoming and great fun!

  57. Meera

    Definitely give it a go! Don’t eat before you come you’ll be fed lots!

  58. Brenda

    A very enjoyable afternoon in good company

  59. Christopher

    Excellent tutors, great facilities and supportive staff

  60. David

    Entertaining! Educational! Involving! Inspirational!

  61. Jane

    Go for it! Really good fun, learnt a lot, lovely hosts and met some really lovely people!

  62. Tim

    The recipes are amazing and the ladies were warm welcoming and great fun!

  63. Julian

    This is a great way to learn and develop- the tutors were fantastic, the right balance between serious cooks and good fun.

  64. Graham

    Excellent teachers with loads of tips and advice. The hands on part teaches you so much.

  65. Jim H

    Nina and Sumita are excellent tutors- very good at explaining things and making it entertaining.

  66. Joyce

    The course is the perfect length, lots of information given and very useful and practical. I learnt how to use spices and how to cook better!

  67. Paul C

    I learned a lot, had a great time and the teachers were excellent- I’d definitely recommend it.

  68. Christine

    This course is great as it removes the mystique and enables you to cook wonderful food.

  69. Thomas

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the other participants were a nice group!

  70. Pam

    You’ll be amazed at how simple Indian cooking can be, I’m no longer scared to try it for myself!

  71. Colin

    It was fun, and great to learn Indian cooking- and I cooked food that tasted good!

  72. Joe N

    You’ll learn lots of useful tips and be a lot more confident after this course.

  73. Richard

    This was a lot of fun and helped to take the fear out of complex dishes!

  74. Charlotte

    Interesting, good range of dishes and ingredients. Very enthusiastic and approachable teachers!

  75. Ed P

    I enjoyed cooking the curry and tasting everyone else’s.

  76. Michael

    You won’t be disappointed and you will be amazed at what you can do!

  77. Michael

    Educational and very entertaining. Definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys cooking and/ or eating!

  78. Shelley

    Very versatile and enjoyable course. The ladies are charismatic and lovely- they made learning fun and easy.

  79. Angharad

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you!

  80. Laura

    Very good course, very enjoyable.

  81. Coleen W

    I loved it! Lighthearted presentation whilst giving a lot of knowledge an useful tips.

  82. Anonymous

    Basic introduction class – expectations fully met

  83. Anonymous

    Cannot fault anything – balance of explanation and ‘doing’

  84. Becks L

    Make sure you’re hungry! I have really enjoyed it.

  85. Jane

    Better understanding of a basic ‘gravy’ and the utilisation and spices. It’s great fun. The atmosphere is fantastic and the food tastes great! Make sure you leave room to eat the feast at the end of the course!

  86. Marlie P

    I feel more confident and comfortable with the use of different spices and ingredients. The practical demonstrations were invaluable. Even if you have little or no experience with Indian cookery, you will find it surprisingly simple to make. I definitely feel like I’ve broadened my horizons.

  87. Emyr B

    What better way to spend a cold, wet, Sunday? It’s fun: do it

  88. Anne M

    I wanted to improve my Indian cookery in particular use of spices. Yes it exceeded my expectations. Great course. Great teachers. Good fun. Delicious food.

  89. Carol

    Do it! You will learn hints and tips and will learn use of spices. Good support from tutors

  90. Rachel N

    I came along with a friend without any expectations whatsoever. I loved every minute and learned so much! Come along, try it – and have a wonderful, fun-filled day.

  91. Thomas J

    Lovely time and great lessons. More confidence in cooking and blending spices for Indian food.

  92. Genevieve H

    Learnt a lot, instructors were very friendly, helpful and entertaining. Food tastes great. Just enjoy it and take everything in. Take notes so you can remember all their little tips!

  93. Jeanette W

    Definitely get booking on it. It’s so much fun as well as being informative. Confidence that I can now make a curry dish that taste (almost) as good as restaurant food. It was amazing how so many amateur cooks could create an excellent Indian banquet!

  94. Carlos A

    I love Indian food and the Indian culture. Yes the course is amazing and the two teachers also. Please do this course

  95. Moira

    I wanted to understand more about using spices in the right way, as it was all a bit of a mystery. I feel more confident now. Good fun & well worthwhile. Need to buy a spicebox!

  96. Dave L

    Do it. So simple once you get the information

  97. Weronita

    Do it! It’s very informative and fun. It was a birthday present and it exceeded my expectations. Not only I’ve learned about the spices but also had great fun doing it. It was fantastic.

  98. Henry W

    Well worth it. Better knowledge of what could be achieved with the same basic ingredients. Educational and great fun

  99. Natalie B

    I wanted to learn how to make authentic Indian food. The food was fantastic! Do it. You will learn so many new skills. Fantastic course with wonderful teachers.

  100. Clare G

    I would definitely recommend this course. It was so relaxed and very entertaining. I have become more aware of how to cook the onions, the spices, etc. I have wanted to learn the basics of Indian cooking and I am veggie so this course was perfect.

  101. Kinga

    Happy with the course overall, more confident with cooking and learned to use more spices correctly

  102. Natalie H

    Would highly recommend it! Was a fab day, feel more confident about home cooking

  103. Gerald

    Have a go, it’s fun!

  104. Kate P

    Enjoyable and practical

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