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What are you looking for?

Virtual Tour to Beneath the Wood Sanctuary

Virtual Tour to Beneath the Wood Sanctuary

Come and meet some of the wonderful characters at Beneath the Wood Sanctuary through a video tour of our visit.

Beneath the Wood is an animal sanctuary most widely known for rescuing the know widely known #53pigs from a destruction order. We visited the sanctuary to learn about this amazing rescue mission and to feature them in our membership magazine. The sanctuary is a piggy heaven (with some other animals too!) Come on our virtual tour and meet Gandalf, Fern, Eric and the rest of the crew. Please think about supporting them too by donating or becoming a Pignoeer!

Sasha Bennett, founder of Beneath the Wood Sanctuary, with Nelson

Click on the photos below to see the videos!

Meet Eric the Adventurer!

Everyone loves Eric! He loves apples and everyone else's food. Currently recovering in isolation due to some lameness, he still takes himself off on big wanders to see his piggy friends.

Gandalf the Great

Meet Gandalf the largest boar at Beneath the Wood, with a huge character to match! He is slightly prone to tantrums when he wants his food and will push his way to the front of the queue!

Fern the ex racing pig

Fern is disabled as she was a racing pig in a garden centre, but she is really happy at her new home. Watch her tucking into her meal which is also how she gets her pain control for arthritis.

The Boys Barn

Hear how the boys that were born at Beneath the Wood got their barn built! It's an amazing story of how an animal activist stepped up to raise funds in a most unusual way.

Piggy Tales

Hear the long and short about piggy tails and the truth of how they are disregarded in the meat industry. There is nothing graphic just a good explanation of the facts.

A very scared pig is saved

From being terrified of humans to loving touch, hear how this piggy healed at Beneath the Woods. It is a beautiful story of re-gaining trust after trauma.

Let Sleeping Pigs Lay

Shhhh…The pigs have all eaten their breakfast and are sleeping in the hay.

Breakfast Time!

Hear the Pigs get excited for breakfast – you've never heard anything like it!

Meet Oreo and the Boys

Oreo is a black and white piggy with the younger boys team. They all have really long tails!

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