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What are you looking for?

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Catering Training

As the foremost authority in vegetarian cooking, we have a global appeal, with chefs from all over the world coming to our kitchens to hone their craft and our training chefs teaching in all sorts of kitchen: Private, Schools, Hospitals and commercial venues.


Stand out from other catering companies by enhancing your plant-based offering. Whether you cater for corporate events, run a restaurant or café or provide food for the public sector, we’ll equip you to handle the growing demand for plant-based options, helping you win more business.


Does your school accommodate the growing number of children who are vegetarian or vegan? By enhancing your plant-based offering, you’ll cater for a range of dietary requirements, save money and help students get their five a day.


Is your hospital canteen reaping the benefits of offering a comprehensive plant-based menu? As well as boosting food sales, plant-based food can be more cost-effective, is more environmentally sustainable and allows you to cater to a wider variety of dietary requirements.


From international brands’, product development chefs and line chefs, to owner/operators, right through to those wanting to start their own business – we’ve trained them all. Our expert tutors include professional chefs who have extensive experience of the food sector.

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