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Nutritional advice

Whatever diet you choose, it’s important to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. The information on this page should help keep you healthy along your vegetarian adventure…

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Veggie is a great way to go

Most people want to be sure they are eating a healthy diet. We want to help you with clear, up-to-date dietary guidance based on official UK nutritional recommendations [1]. A vegetarian diet can meet the nutritional needs for people of all ages if you follow a few simple steps [2].

Public Health England says it is important to eat a diet low in saturated fat and high in whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. As a vegetarian, eating a balanced diet based on whole grains, pulses (beans and lentils), vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, you should easily exceed the guidelines for eating 5-A-Day, and your meals will be naturally higher in fibre and lower in saturated fat.

One of the biggest concerns people have about vegetarian nutrition is where vegetarians get nutrients that typically come from meat and fish, such as protein, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B12, and essential fats like omega 3. In most cases these nutrients are naturally included in balanced vegetarian and vegan diets. It can however be useful to be aware of good nutritional sources.

The vegetarian eatwell guide

The government has produced an Eatwell Guide to advise on healthy eating. It is essential public health information, but it contains meat and fish. That’s why the Vegetarian Society has adapted the guide for vegetarians. It applies to anyone over the age of two.

Download the Vegetarian Eatwell Guide

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Vitamin B12

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need more help?

If you have special dietary requirements or medical needs, you might want to speak with a dietitian.

All Vegetarian Society members can put their question to our registered dietitian, who can provide advice on a whole range of topics related to vegetarian or vegan diets.

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[1] The Vegetarian Society dietary values for foods are taken from the Composition of Foods by Widdowson McCance as used by the government Food Standards Agency and TSO publications.

[2] The Association of UK Dietitians (BDA) states a well-planned vegetarian diet is appropriate for all stages of life and has many benefits. https://www.bda.uk.com/resource/vegetarian-vegan-plant-based-diet.html

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