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As a pioneering charity for over 175 years, whether it is an animal rights march, bringing awareness to the issues with factory farming or challenging the status quo on food systems policies, we are in the thick of campaign work. Here are just a few of our more recent campaigns.

national vegetarian week 2024

See what we got up to in 2023 and save the date for 2024. 1st October is World Vegetarian Day and also the start of National Vegetarian Week which runs from 1st to 7th October 2024.

Full round up of 2023 available here!

two piglets

World Pig week

World Pig Week’s vision is simple; for animal lovers to love ALL animals and recognise pigs and pets are the same thing.

We are proud to support World Pig Week highlighting the sentience of pigs, showcasing meat-free recipes and products and sharing pigs stories from sanctuaries. Asking people to treat pigs as friends not food.

See More here

love lambs week

The launch of Love Lambs Week was timed to coincide with the meat industry’s ‘Love Lamb Week’, which actively encourages people to eat more lamb. Yes – some people might have you believe that the first week of September is about eating these animals, but don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes! Lambs deserve so much more than this. And you will no doubt by now have spotted the difference between Love Lamb Week and Love Lambs Week…

It may be a simple letter ‘S’, but its use turns a ‘meat product’ back into the living, intelligent, emotional animal it once was.

See More here

Veggie Food Boxes

Through fund raising we made it possible for to provide over 80,000 vegan meals to people struggling to feed themselves and their families. The food boxes had the ingredients and recipes for two dishes – a bean chilli, and a green lentil and tomato ragu, which could make enough food for eight meals.

Wildlife expert and TV presenter, Chris Packham, backed our food bank campaign. He told us: “I wish there was no need for food banks but, while there is, the Vegetarian Society’s appeal is a great way to make sure more meals are getting to more people. Veggie food boxes are a great choice – they’re filling, good for the planet and tasty.”

Low waste max taste

A free digital cost-saving, waste-reducing recipe booklet, was developed by the Vegetarian Society in partnership with Russell Hobbs. Ideal for students and those on a budget and also many food saving tips.

With the aim on helping people make the most of their food left overs, the recipes and tips had a focus on using more cost-conscious ingredients, and using every part of them.

We helped over 6000 people understand the benefits of preventing food waste and learning some delicious vegetarian vegan cooking tips.

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Illustration of vegetable

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