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Sam’s Tip of the Season: Peas

garden peas being shelled into a bowl

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get the most out of the vibrant green vegetables.

After a winter of rich and earthy root vegetables, I can’t wait for the glut of greens harvesting at this time of year. Rocket, watercress, spring greens and spinach are all in season but peas are my go-to scrumptious green.

I keep a bag of ‘emergency’ peas in my freezer all year round but it’s such a pleasure to pop fresh peas out of their pods when they are in season. My son and I will sit at the kitchen table shelling peas, trying not to eat them all before they get into the pan! The humble pea is often thought of as a simple side dish or the stuff of school dinners; not so. They are such a versatile vegetable, great for soup, salads, risotto, pasta, curries and so much more. These tiny pods are also packed with protein, dietary fibre, iron and vitamins.

Don’t forget about the rest of the pea plants, the shoots and pods of peas are tasty too. Pea shoots are readily available in supermarkets either on their own or as part of salad mixes. They have a delicate flavour, making them a delicious addition to your spring and summer salads.

If you grow your own peas or buy them in pods — don’t discard the pods. They are very tough and fibrous but, with a little patience, can be turned into a lovely soup. Chop them up and swap them into your favourite blended pea soup recipe. Cook until very soft, then pass the cooked and blended soup through a sieve to remove the strings, season to taste and you’re ready to eat. The extra effort is totally worth it; it’s economical, helps reduce food waste and is super tasty!

Want more cooking tips? Check out our cookery classes and get hands on as you chop, slice, dice and knead your way to delicious veggie and vegan dishes. 

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