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Try our Nutella and Tahini Twists

Nutella Tahini Twists

It’s World Nutella Day on Monday 5 February, and Nutella’s accredited by the Vegetarian Society! To mark the day, try this tasty treat from Sam, the Head of our Cookery School.

Nutella Tahini Twists

What you’ll need…

1 sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry
2-3 tbsp Nutella
2-3 tbsp tahini
1-2 pinches of sea salt flakes
1 free-range egg beaten with 1 tbsp milk
2-3 of large pinches of demerara sugar
2-3 tbsp sesame seeds

How to make them

Take a ready-rolled puff pastry sheet and spread a lengthways half with 2 to 3 tbsp Nutella. Leave a small gap on the long edge so the filling doesn’t explode out!

Spread the other half with the same amount of tahini. Sprinkle a couple of large pinches of sea salt flakes over the Nutella for that perfect balance of sweet and salty. Fold the pastry sheet in half then cut it into 15 strips about 2cm wide. Then twist the strips up! Take each strip and twist 3 times. Pop on to a greased or covered baking tray, pressing down the ends to keep it in place.

Brush each twist with an egg wash (1 free-range egg beaten with 1 tsbp milk) to give them a lovely golden finish. Sprinkle the twists generously with demerara sugar and sesame seeds. Bake in a preheated oven (200°C / fan 180°C / gas 6) for 18-20 minutes, or until the twists turn a beautiful golden brown and puff up to perfection.

(Tip: To make sure the twists keep their shape while baking, pop them into the freezer directly before going into the oven for 10-15 minutes. This step is optional but highly recommended!)

And there you have it, folks! Your irresistible Nutella and Tahini Twists are ready to be devoured. Serve them just warm and watch as your friends and family indulge in this delectable treat. Enjoy!

Makes approx. 15 twists
Preparation: 15 mins
Cooking: 15-20 mins

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