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What are you looking for?

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Iodine is needed for thyroid hormones to work properly. Thyroid hormones affect the speed you burn calories and grow, and help heart and digestive functions and muscle control.

All about iodine

What foods have iodine?

The following foods are good sources of iodine:

  • EGGS
  • MILK

How much iodine do I need?

Women need 140μg of iodine per day.

Men need 140μg of iodine per day.

[μg = micrograms]

Note: At the very early stages of pregnancy, often before it is confirmed, women have an increased iodine need.

Iodine hints and tips

  • There is a lower level of iodine in organic milk.
  • Kelp (a type of seaweed) supplements are not recommended, particularly when pregnant, because levels of iodine can be too high.
  • Seaweed is safe to eat because levels of iodine become lower through production.


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