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Help support Baah-Land with Veggie Lotto

This May, Veggie Lotto are doing something different. We are donating 10% of May’s proceeds to Baah-Land –  a sanctuary which rescues sheep.

Here is what Baah-Land could do with your support:

Help a blind lamb

Baah-Land recently received a call from a farmer’s wife about a lamb who was born blind. Her farmer husband suggested euthanasia, but his wife could see how much their sheep loved and protected her lamb and pleaded with Baah-Land to save it.

The lamb was still feeding from its mother and relying on her to be his eyes. Baah-Land asked if they could take the mother too, but the farmer said no as, while he felt that the lamb had no value, the mother could breed next year.

Baah-Land have offered to pay £140 for the mum to keep her and the lamb’s lives safe. They also have costs to cover for an appointment at a specialist animal eye clinic, as there is a chance the lamb could see again with treatment.

Your support could help Baah-Land to pay for the lamb and mother and help the lamb get his eye treatment.

Pay Joey’s vet bill

Baah-Land’s beloved Hampshire sheep, Joey was suffering from a bladder abscess, preventing him from urinating. The situation was dire as his bladder was at risk of bursting, necessitating emergency intervention.

Your support could help Baah-Land to pay Joey’s vet bill.

Diane, who works at the sanctuary said to us:

“We are a very small sanctuary and don’t have teams of volunteers so rely on all support hugely, so if you are able to help by buying a Veggie Lotto ticket, we can’t thank you enough.

About Veggie Lotto

Veggie Lotto is the Vegetarian Society’s charity lottery and your weekly chance to win £25,000 or one of seven guaranteed cash prizes.  Each ticket you buy supports the Vegetarian Society’s work. Players must be 18 or over and physically located in Great Britain.

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