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The Professional Chefs’ Diploma in Vegetarian and Vegan Cookery

It makes great business sense to keep all your customers happy. There is a growing trend of meat-reduction and flexitarianism. This has led to a rise in people seeking out vegetarian and vegan options. When choosing a place to eat, your potential customers will choose somewhere that caters for everyone in their party. By maximising your vegetarian and vegan offering – you’ll boost your business.

Look out for our new Professional Chefs’ course launching later in the year.

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Times: 10am-4pm

16 reviews for The Professional Chefs’ Diploma in Vegetarian and Vegan Cookery

  1. Harry

    Very interesting knowledge on vegan \vegetarian food

  2. Ian

    It really does exceed expectations. Right mix of theory, business info and practical cooking

  3. Rheanna

    Excellent course would definitely recommend especially for someone going into the catering industry as many colleges don’t specialize in vegetarian cooking. I have learned a lot of cooking methods and experienced new flavours and tried lots of different and new dishes i am very great full for such a wonderful experience

  4. Sophie

    I learnt lots, and the course will really help me in my future career

  5. Steve

    This course gives knowledge without undermining your own ability. Delivered calmly and easily understood.

  6. Michael D

    I would definitely recommend it, a valuable experience. Excellent staff and excellent facilities to give you all the support you need.

  7. Jane S

    I have loved cooking and food prep for 55+ years and this course fired me up to make meals I have tended to ignore. Your hospitality made me feel included and changed my cooker skills- the team at the cookery school are great people!

  8. James

    Very engaging and fun. I gained a lot of skills, knowledge and confidence.

  9. Darshana

    100% recommend this course to those in love with cooking. I had the best schooling days of my life in this cookery school!

  10. Na Young S

    I learn many ways of cooking style from starter to dessert – and learn more professional vegetarian and vegan cooking. Highly recommend, great experience.

  11. Matt M

    Endless ideas and new techniques. More than met my expectations of improving veggie options at work.

  12. Marlie P

    Looking to extend myself to vegetarian/cooked options from raw vegan. I can include more cooked options and i feel more confident about using new ingredients, spices, etc. Better than expected. I was able to learn more in a relaxed setting, with a small group of chefs and a considerable personal instruction from head tutor.

  13. Hubert H

    Join. It’s good fun, informal, but very informative. It’s a good training with many different recipes and different cuisines.

  14. Murray S

    Get here and be open to ideas. You will have fun and learn loads. It’s a very small and interactive learning course, very positive. A very in depth look at vegetarian cooking with accents on vegan and dietary restrictions. Informative 2 way flow of ideas with tutor and participants.

  15. Fiona R

    The week flew by and I had a great time. It was a revelation and our tutor Alex was the best.

  16. F Carter

    It really pushed me and I feel such a sense of achievement. The amount of food I have cooked is incredible and the range of recipes is amazing. I chose this course as I am looking to change my career and wanted the experience to see if it was feasible. It blew my expectations out the water! I loved it

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