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Eating veggie » Recipes » Tagliatelle in a Basil and Walnut Sauce

Tagliatelle in a Basil and Walnut Sauce

Prep time 10 mins, cook time 30 mins

Serves 4


Tagliatelle in a Fresh Basil & Walnut Sauce

This is a very rich pasta dish. I usually use tagliatelle which are flat, ribbon noodles, but for a change I will use pappardelle. These are broader noodles which sometimes have wavy edges.


For the pasta

  • 350g tagliatelle or pappardelle
  • Salt to taste

For the sauce

  • 2 sweet ripe tomatoes
  • 2 large garlic cloves crushed
  • 50g Italian-style hard cheese grated
  • 10g fresh parsley chopped
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 10g fresh basil leaves torn
  • 50g walnuts pieces
  • 3 tbsp single cream

To serve

  • Extra Italian-style hard cheese
  • A few sprigs basil to garnish


  1. Cook the pasta in boiling salted water as directed on the packet.
  2. Put the tomatoes in a bowl, cover with boiling water for about 40 seconds, then plunge into cold water. Peel off the skins. Crush the garlic.
  3. Put the tomatoes, garlic, pepper, vegetarian Italian-style hard cheese and parsley in a food processor and blend to a smooth paste. Gradually add the olive oil, drop by drop, then add the basil and walnuts.
  4. Drain the pasta and toss in the walnut sauce and cream. Garnish with sprigs of basil and serve at once with the extra vegetarian Italian-style hard cheese cheese.

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