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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

Virtual Tour to Baah-Land Sanctuary

Virtual Tour to Baah-Land Sanctuary

Come and meet some of the wonderful characters at Baah-Land Sanctuary through a video tour of our visit.

Baah-Land is an animal sanctuary nestled in the rolling countryside of Worcestershire. We became aware of the sanctuary during our Love Lambs Week, when we worked with a number of sheep sanctuaries to promote the campaign. This inspired us to visit and interview the Baah-Land team for a feature in our membership magazine. Thanks to the kindness and hardwork of the team the sanctuary is a humble, safe haven, a home to an eclectic array of characters, come on our virtual tour and meet Teddy, Eliza and the rest of the gang. Please think about supporting them – as winter is very tough for sanctuaries.

Note: Some of the sheep are pink as they pick up a red dust from the feeder to check on how much they are eating.

Click on the photos below to see the videos!

They remember you!

Sheep can meet you once and remember you for two years – come and meet the flock!


The Bugs Bunny eg "Bugsy" Sheep, he has big ears and a bigger character, Angus is a Border Leicester


Named so as he is like a teddy bear, fluffy face and fluffy nature


Eliza was born without eyes and is making new friends at Baah-Land which is helping her get around safely.

Eliza's Rescue

Listen to the story of how Eliza was rescued from being killed because of her disability.

Whats that coming over the hill

Watch the flock come a running when we arrive! They know we have biscuits


Sheep need gently shearing for their health. Look at my gift from Angel.


Couldn't walk until she landed on her feet at Baahland. Watch her happy stepping now!

Meg and Biscuits

If you like biscuits and cuteness overload then watch Meg eating hers!

Support Baah-Land

Please consider supporting Baah-Land, they are a non-profit sanctuary and all donations are purely spent on the animals. Feeding so many animals and keeping them comfortable requires considerable funding.

Baah-Land Support

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