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News, Blogs & Press Releases » The vegetarian and vegan product market: five key takeaways from Quorn

The vegetarian and vegan product market: five key takeaways from Quorn

We recently had the privilege of hearing from Tess Kelly, Head of External Engagement at Quorn Foods, part of Marlow Foods Ltd, which also owns Cauldron Foods. Both the Quorn and Cauldron brands have been prominent leaders in the meat substitute market for over 30 years.

Tess was addressing a joint meeting of the Vegetarian Society trustees and staff and, she provided valuable insights into the current market landscape. Here are five of our main takeaways.

  1. Consumer perceptions about products within the market are mixed

      Quorn discussed how consumers feel about vegetarian and vegan products in general.

      The positives: Consumers believe that vegetarian and vegan products make it easier to make the switch from eating meat. They also like the fact that these products are more sustainable and are often healthier.

      The negatives: Pricing and consumer perception of pricing can be a sticking point for customers. Consumers have also indicated that they struggle to find vegetarian and vegan products in store.*

      When it comes to consumer perspectives about Quorn specifically, they are viewed as a healthy, trusted and family-friendly brand.

      2. There is a significant link between health and consumer confidence

      Health serves as a significant motivator shaping food choices and is closely tied to consumer confidence. Today’s consumers possess a heightened awareness about how their dietary decisions profoundly affect their well-being.

      3. 2024 is a reset moment for the category

      Quorn believe 2024 is very much a reset year for the vegetarian and vegan product category. They believe that when people have more money and the financial landscape has improved, the category will bounce back, mirroring past patterns.

      4. Accurate labelling is extremely important

      Quorn mentioned the significance of getting labelling right for consumers. This includes carbon labelling, which is becoming increasingly important to shoppers. Quorn were the first major brand to include carbon footprint labels on their UK packs and now have 170 individual products assessed in total.

      5. Vegetarians don’t always identify with ‘vegan’ products

      Quorn have seen from their own consumer base that some vegetarians want their own product innovation and do not identify with ‘vegan’ product labelling.  Understanding this segment of consumers is crucial for brands that aim to meet diverse dietary preferences.

      About Quorn: Quorn is a global market leader in producing vegetarian and vegan products and are one of the UK’s top 50 FMCG brands. They have had Vegetarian Society Accreditation for over 20 years.

      *Vegetarian Society Accreditation can help if customers are struggling to identify whether your products are vegetarian or vegan. By displaying our trademark symbols, you are letting vegetarian and vegan shoppers know at a glance that your products are suitable for them.

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