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Love Lambs Week

We want you and thousands of people like you from across the UK to never eat lamb again.

You might be a meat-eater, a flexitarian, or already vegetarian or vegan. Either way, it doesn’t matter! Join a collective of people who want to see an end to the slaughter of young lambs.

And who wouldn’t want to when you see these beautiful, playful animals gambolling in the fields? Why not share this page with a friend who likes seeing lambs in the field – it takes less than two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

The launch of Love Lambs Week is timed to coincide with the meat industry’s ‘Love Lamb Week’, which actively encourages people to eat more lamb. Yes – some people might have you believe that the first week of September is about eating these animals, but don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes! Lambs deserve so much more than this.

And you will no doubt by now have spotted the difference between Love Lamb Week and Love Lambs Week…

It may be a simple letter ‘S’, but its use turns a ‘meat product’ back into the living, intelligent, emotional animal it once was. It’s a matter of life or death for the young animal.

S is for sentiment

S is for sympathy

S is for sentience

YOu can help lambs

Check out our ‘Woolly Facts’  to find out more about these wonderful, compassionate creatures. Take a look at some of the fantastic sheep sanctuaries out there, giving rescued sheep a forever home.

This May you can support Baah Land Sanctuary by playing Veggie Lotto find out more (18+ only).

You can also get inspired on your ‘no more lamb’ journey with these absolutely mint Recipes and Products. 

Thank ‘ewe’ for loving lambs.

A mother’s bond

In natural conditions, lambs form strong bonds with their mother sheep and would be nursed for six months.

I know ‘ewe’!

Sheep can remember and recognize the faces of at least 10 people and 50 other sheep for up to two years.

Sociable sheep

Sheep are highly sensitive to emotional expressions in even photos of other sheep

Lamb lifespan

Most lambs are typically slaughtered between only 10 weeks and 6 months of age

Taste detection

Sheep can differentiate between flavours and use this ability to self-medicate when they are unwell

Sad sheep

Sheep are more like us than previously believed, with tests showing they mourn absent individuals

Wide eyed

With unique rectangular pupils, sheep possess exceptional peripheral vision, estimated at 270 to 320 degrees

Maze masterminds

Lambs show robust spatial memory, are able to learn basic tasks. They can even learn to navigate a fairly complexmaze

Safe forever homes – sheep sanctuaries 

Across the UK, there are some amazing sanctuaries giving forever homes to rescued sheep and other animals. Here are a few! Check them out and discover the fantastic work they do, the animals they give a home to, and how you can support them and their flock.

Get some Oumph!

Flavour packed kebab recipe by Oumph! Enjoy rich taste and texture while still loving lambs.

Try the recipe now

Find inspiration

Dopsu, have created No-Lamb pieces beautifully seasoned, vegan and with a hint of mint! Check out Dopsu’s inspiration area for recipes for No-Lamb where you’ll find tagines, pizzas, hot pots, and rogan josh

Get inspired

Do 'ewe' love lambs?

If you love lambs (and lets face it, who doesn’t?!) you are going to love our Love Lambs Week t-shirts. Our designs are a celebration of these beautiful animals and are launched to coincide with Love Lambs Week the Vegetarian Society’s campaign to get people to pledge to stop eating lamb.

Get the t-shirt to support

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