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World Pig Week

We are really proud to be supporting World Pig Week 2024.

World Pig Week’s vision is simple; for animal lovers to love ALL animals and recognise pigs and pets are the same thing.

Find out more about World Pig Week and sign up to keep piggies off your plate for seven days and maybe then forever!

Below you’ll find info on pigs, sanctuaries who help to save pigs and you can meet up with some rescued pigs like Betty, Eric, Harry Trotter and Keith Moon. Plus there are meat-free recipes and products.

And if you like what you see – and want to support more of our work – we’d love you to hit the donate button above or even better why not become a Vegetarian Society member.

pigs lookingthrough fence

Did you know?

pig paddling

Pigs are clean animals that enjoy swimming, they wallow in mud to help protect their skin from the sun and heat.

two pigs in field

Pigs create social groups

two piglets

Are widely considered to be more intelligent than dogs

two spotty piglets

Will wag their tails when they are happy

pig mother with piglets

Are attentive mothers and will sleep snout to snout with their young

piggy pointers

There are some famous well-loved pigs and piglets, from Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web, Babe or even Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. Meet some real life pigs in our stories below and take a look at some of the sanctuaries out there, giving rescued pigs a forever home.

Find out more about pigs and sentience. Get some facts on the plight of pigs today.

Leave piggies off your plate for the week – take the pinkie pledge and try these great recipes and products below.


There are 4.5 million pigs in the UK, with most reared for bacon, ham, pork and sausages.

Never going outdoors

Over 70% of pigs in the UK are reared under intensive conditions, being closely confined indoors for their entire lives.

Sow stress

Sows are kept in farrowing crates for three to four weeks when giving birth. Sows are deprived of space and nesting materials which results in abnormal behaviour and stress.

Young lives

Pigs are slaughtered after four to seven months. Pigs can live a natural life up to 20 years.

Piglet in the grass

Safe forever homes – PIG sanctuaries

Across the UK, there are some amazing sanctuaries giving forever homes to rescued pigs and other animals. Here are a few! Check them out and discover the fantastic work they do, the animals they give a home to, and how you can support them. Meet some of their pigs below.

meet some of the rescued pigs.

Betty th epig from Goodheart Sanctuary

Betty the piglet has a truly incredible rescue story. She narrowly escaped death after a group of hunters shot her mother and siblings, believing them to be wild boar. Betty is from Goodheart Animal Sanctuary.

Harry Trotter pig sitting waiting for apple. At Beneath the Wood Sanctuary

Harry Trotter was initially given away by the farmer as he was considered a runt and was to be discarded as waste. He was rescued at only 3 months and lives at Pigs In The Wood Sanctuary.

3 piglets black and pink from Brockswood sanctuary

Meet Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, the three Tusketeers who now live in safety at Brockswood Sanctuary after sadly losing their mother when they were only days old.

Keith Moon pig with large ears looking over fence. From Pigs in the Wood sanctuary

Keith Moon was born on a commercial pig farm and was due to be slaughtered at six months old. However, a volunteer from Pigs In The Wood lived nearby and had formed a bond with him. Thankfully, he was saved from his fate and lives at the Pigs In the Wood Sanctuary.

Eric , th epig in front of a gate

Eric is one of the '53' group of pigs. These arrived at the Beneath the Wood Sanctuary after a farm was closed down and they were put under a destruction order. They now have a safe home but their number has grown.

Two pigs in a sty one is black theother is pink and block spots.

Kermit is instantly recognisable by his fluffy ears and the fact that his tongue is permanently sticking out! He lives at Goodheart Sanctuary – here he is with Butterscotch.

quorn peppeoni pizza

Quorn's range

Quorns range offers delicious vegetarian, vegan and meat free products which will help you to turn out mouth-watering recipes every time. From meat-free ham slices, pepperoni, sausage rolls and bangers to pulled pork chunks.

Check out the Quorn range

Linda McCartney product vegetarian sausages with cherry tomatoes garlic and herbs

Linda McCartney's

Their family favourite range of flavoursome vegetarian, vegan and meat free products food is packed full of taste and excellent ingredients. Meat-free pulled pork bao, chorizio, sausages,cocktail sausages and pulled pork rolls.

Take a look

wraps with veg and no-pork dopsu

Find inspiration

Dopsu, have created No-Pork pieces. Head to their inspiration pages where you'll find recipes for hot pots, pork pies, sweet and sour and even a hog roast and apple sauce sarnie. All made using No-Pork pieces.

Get inspired

tacos made with Oumph

Get some Oumph! Pulled Tacos

Pulled Vegan Tacos & Avocado Cream recipe by Oumph! Enjoy rich taste and texture while still being a friend of the pigs.

Try the recipe now

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